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Are you part of the emerging and growing population of people taking control of your own health to reach optimal wellness? If yes, this campaign asset page is for you. Below are talking points and scientific studies that show how Audio Visual Stimulation tools such as the Kasina can improve sleep and memory. See details below to start your own post

Benefits of Sleep For the Mind


  • Neurons do not fire optimally
  • muscles are not rested
  • the body’s organ systems are not synchronized
  • Reduces ability to learn and retain memories

Benefits of Sleep For the Body

In 2008, Usain Bolt broke records at the Beijing Olympics by being the first person in history to hold both the 100m and 200m world records.  What does Bolt consider his most important part of his routine…sleep


  • Released within deep sleep (sleep stages 3 and 4), growth hormone and androgens are both essential for muscle repair, muscle building, bone growth, and promoting the oxidation of fats
  • Sleep promotes the restoration of the immune and endocrine systems, recovery of the nervous system and the metabolic expenditure of the previous training day, and stimulating memory and learning potential for the subsequent training day


  • Sleep can increase the length of your telomeres. Shorter telomeres are related to lower risks for diseases such as cancer and type 2 diabletes as well as increased longevity

The Solution – The Kasina

  • The Kasina can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep
  • Run your own personal test with your Kasina and a sleep device tracker such as the FitBit. I personally did this test and was amazed at the results!
  • Recommend the Sleep track in the original Kasina sessions
  • Be sure to tell your followers you cannot porvide medical advice and this is a recommendation that is not in replacement of medical care.

FTC Disclosures

By law, you must disclose your affiliate relationship with Mindplace on your post. Please include at the beginning of the post and in an obvious manner. To learn more about disclosures and to see examples click here.



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