Niche sites are a profitable and effective way to earn affiliate commissions. In fact, I have entire affiliate programs with only niche affiliates in them. If you are just starting out and want to build a niche site for Mindplace, I highly recommend reading Adam Reimer’s article first.¬†This article provides easy step by step instructions on how to create a profitable niche site.

Based on this article, I pulled some keyword phrases that would lend itself to a profitable niche content site for Mindplace. For example, the keyword phrases below focus on the benefits of mindfulness, mediation and the Kasina for depression.

  • naturally heal depression
  • natural remedies for depression
  • depression self healing
  • overcome depression naturally
  • managing depression naturally

For this site, create multiple options for helping people deal with depression. Remember as an affiliate, you can have more than one affiliate. In this example, you can have a supplements link for St John’s Wart, a book on mindfulness and of course the power of the Mindplace Kasina to retrain your brain.

You could create similar outlines for anxiety, memory recall, insomnia and increase energy.

If you have any questions or would like to further brainstorm, please reach out to Ruth Ann and Stephanie at