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Did you know over 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia? Even those who are getting enough sleep in quantity aren’t getting the quality they need. The National Sleep Foundation reports  35% of Americans report their sleep quality as “poor” or “only fair.”20% of Americans reported that they did not wake up feeling refreshed on any of the past seven days. Here is the good news, the Mindplace Kasina can help you and your followers get more quality sleep. I personally have tested the Kasina Sleep Session with my FitBit. The results were amazing. I highly recommend you do your own test.

This campaign asset page provides all the information you need to create an converting affiliate post that helps naturally aid in sleep. At the end of this page are social media images that you can use to promote your post. You can modify or use as is.


Side Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

Did you know lack of quality sleep can cause

  • depression
  • impulsive behavior
  • weakened immune system
  • increased chance of cardiovascular disease
  • loss of cognitive ability or brain fog
  • reduced athletic performance

How The Kasina Can Help

  • The Kasina comes stock with a 60 minute Sleep audio and visual stimulation track.
    Stimulation enhances low frequency and decreasing high frequency brain waves.
  • The results are less arousal or wake ups


Studies For Audio Visual Stimulation To Relieve Insomnia


Sleep Statistics

1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep –

60 million Americans don’t get enough sleep –

Other Natural Sleep Aid Recommendations

  • Magnesium –
  • Warm Golden Milk aka Tumeric milk –
  • Turn off the electronics at least 2 hours before bed time
  • Create a dark and cool space. Black out curtains are great for long summer days.Also check out temperature controlled matteress toppers such as the Chili Pad
  • Meditation. Headspace has a great Sleep mediation and is free for the first 30 days.


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